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Who are Excel-A-Rate Business Services?

Business funding to suit your needs

Who are we?
Excel-A-Rate is an independent financial services company originally established in 1996 which has professionally served our many clients for over 21 years. We are based in Manchester although we have clients across the UK and Northern Ireland. Our dedicated office team and national business advisors have a wealth of experience and can provide funding solutions for small and medium sized business across a wide range of market sectors.

We offer a wide range of finance options including asset funding for vehicle acquisitions, business equipment, agricultural machinery or IT solutions right through to funding packages for renewable energy technology and equipment.

Our focus is on real collaboration with our clients; this allows us to create funding solutions that satisfy your objectives for your business or organisation.

We take pride in our personal approach to helping your business grow, our financial options allow you to make those important funding decisions.

We can provide cash flow solutions which help you to expand your business without committing your critical business capital and we make the process straightforward.

You can rely on our expertise to support you through the entire process.

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation about your business finance options.

How do we work - The Excel-A-Rate approach to business funding

Our approach to business funding is different to other business funding providers.

We start by enquiring about you and your business. Typically we might ask you?

* What exactly does your business need?
* Where is your business cash flow tied up?
* What are your business aims or objectives?

Only after we know the answers to questions such as these can we begin to work effectively and collaboratively to offer you the business funding solution that is right for you; the solution which will help you to achieve your specific business objective.

This approach is intended to ensure a real and lasting relationship between Excel-A-Rate as the funding provider and you the client, based on transparency and genuine trust.

What exactly can we offer your business?

We offer a wide range of business funding solutions, including asset finance, debt funding, renewable energy funding, cash advances and unsecured loans.

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