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Whitewaters Training Ltd

whitewaters 300Whitewaters Training Ltd run courses under The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS), and needed to purchase 2 new vehicles to add to their fleet.

As an existing client of Excel-A-Rate they approached us for the additional finance. They were accepted within 24 hours giving them the ability to place the order for the vehicles.

They ordered the vehicles the next day and settled down to await delivery of the vehicles. Unfortunately 2 days later the supplier contacted Whitewaters advising them there would be around a 10-16 week lead time on the particular vehicles ordered.

Whitewaters couldn’t afford to wait that long. Losing 3 – 4 months’ income while waiting for the vehicles would have detrimental effect on their business.

The director contacted us to see if there was anything we could do.

Excel-A-Rate has a large network of suppliers and, even though it was a Saturday, they were contacted and 2 identical vehicles were found.

Full details were supplied to Excel-A-Rate on the Monday and documentation produced for the finance agreements.

Whitewaters signed the documentation on the Tuesday allowing the supplier to be paid and the vehicles were delivered on the Wednesday.

The Director of Whitewaters couldn’t believe the level of service received or the speed with which the vehicles were sourced and delivered.

Key issues

  • As an existing client, Whitewaters approached us for additional vehicle finance.
  • Accepted within 24 hours
  • Advised of a 10-16 week lead time on ordered vehicles, Excel-A-Rate found alternative vehicles within days.


Whitewaters Training Ltd

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