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Funding Options

Business funding to suit your needs

We specialise in five key areas of business funding:

1. Asset finance
Asset finance funding enables you to make key purchases for your business without tying up valuable working capital or your existing credit lines. With rental payments fixed for the lifetime of the lease forward planning becomes easier and you can make use of the assets you need to drive your business forward.

2. Debt funding
Debt funding provides short-term finance for you against your debtors allowing you to raise finance against specific invoices when necessary. Especially useful when you are trying to fund a big order and need short-term working capital to achieve it.

3. Renewable energy funding
Is highly relevant to business in the 21st century, but at the same time this can be a complex subject to understand. We have developed significant expertise in providing funding for renewable energy projects and offer a variety of funding solutions for renewable energy projects and energy efficient technologies. This expertise enables us to offer highly competitive fixed annual rates of interest.

4 Cash advance
Cash advance is useful for businesses who take credit card payments. We can provide unsecured cash advances of up to £25,000 based on your credit card transaction history. You can use the cash in whatever way suits your business best at that particular time. Maybe it's to make improvements to your IT systems or purchase additional stock to drive the business forward.

5. Unsecured loans
Unsecured loans can be provided to businesses to assist with payment of a quarterly VAT bill, payment of a tax bill, payment of quarterly rent, or payment of a large annual insurance premium. Repayments are made weekly over a period of 13 to 52 weeks depending on the purpose of the loan.

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Asset finance
Debt funding
Renewable energy funding
Cash advance
Unsecured loans

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