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Cash Advance Explained

Business funding to suit your needs

Business cash advance explained
Are you a business that takes credit card payments? If so Excel-A-Rate can offer you an unsecured cash advance of up to £50,000 based on your credit card transactions.

You may be looking for a business cash advance to fund business improvements, an unexpected invoice or any number of other valid reasons. If this applies to your business then Excel A Rate may provide the perfect solution.

We offer a simple, speedy application and decision-making process; getting the money into your account couldn't be easier.

The cash advance is then repaid at amounts based on average monthly receipts. This allows you to retain control of your cash flow and manage the advance in the way that best suits you and your business.

A business cash advance can be used for any purpose, for example.
* Paying a wage bill;
* VAT payments;
* New equipment or relocating;
* Refurbishment of your business premises;
* Starting an additional business venture;
* Working capital;
* Marketing and advertising campaigns; or
* Any one of a multitude of other business uses.

Why choose a business cash advance?
* No need to change your existing PDQ system;
* Straightforward and simple application process;
* The approval decision process is fast, usually within 24 hours;
* Unsecured advances;
* High approval rate.

Is your quarterly vat bill putting a strain on your cash resources?
If so don't worry, Excel-a-Rate has a solution for you. We can lend you the amount equal to the amount of VAT due and you repay us in 13 smaller weekly payments. In addition there is no need for you to put the VAT element to one side any longer! Just repay us over the 13 weeks and & we will fund the next VAT payment.

Self assessment or corporation tax due?
We have a solution for that problem too. We can provide you with a manageable loan with structured, manageable repayments. Call us and we will talk you through our no obligation application process.

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