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Debt Funding Explained

Business funding to suit your needs

Debt funding explained
Debt funding, which is also known as invoice financing or factoring allows you to release cash from your unpaid invoices today instead of waiting for your customers to pay you on a future date.

This helps you to improve your cashflow thereby making the day to day running of your business easier.

The finance provider will release up to 80% of the invoice value on day one with the remainder, minus a small fee due, once the invoice is paid.

The invoice financing companywide advance the funds but allows you to collect the value of the invoices from your customer. This means that your customers are unaware that you use this service.

The finance company can also undertake credit control measures on your behalf, including collecting the amounts due against invoices from your customers if you prefer. In this way your customers are fully aware that you finance your debts.

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