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Operating Leases Explained

Business funding to suit your needs

What is a business operating lease?
Are you looking for a business finance solution without committing to owning the actual assets you require? A business operating lease might just be the perfect choice for you.

A business operating lease is a form of rental agreement through which you can have exclusive use of an asset over a period of time in return for paying regular rental instalments for that use. The choice of asset you require is obviously a decision for you.

How does it work?
Over an agreed period you will be able to make full use of the asset in question and in return you will make regular rental instalment payments to Excel-A-Rate.

The rental payments will not cover the entire cost of the asset instead they are calculated on the original purchase price and the forecast residual value. Maintenance costs for the asset may also be included in the operating lease agreement. At the end of the lease the asset is returned to Excel-a-Rate to either be re-hired or sold in order to release the residual value of the asset.

What are the benefits of a business operating lease?
* Fixed payment amounts;
* Improved cash flow for your business;
* Reduced tax payments and the option to reclaim VAT;
* Independent from your existing banking arrangements.

Is it right for my business?
An operating lease will provide you with the critical operational assets your business needs for a simple straightforward monthly payment with no complications. An operating lease can be a very appealing option.

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