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Wind turbine finance

Excel-A-Rate have been heavily involved in the renewable energy market and wind turbine finance for a number of years and have developed considerable knowledge within this growing sector, enabling us to fund a wide range of projects where other finance companies cannot.

wind turbine financeWind Turbines is an area that is relatively mature but still experiencing some growth and these are being installed into a wide range of business including farmers and manufacturers to provide the electricity needed to run the business.

Additionally a further residual income can also generated from the electricity that is fed back into the National grid.

However with prices starting from approximately £30,000 upwards, specialist wind turbine finance is usually employed to get projects moving.

We have the experience to assess each project on it’s merit and are happy to fund most wind turbines for the right reason.

Wind turbine finance with staged payments

Excel-A-Rate offers low deposit terms and flexible repayment periods on their wind turbine finance, together with stage payment funding on larger installations.

The majority of finance companies will only offer finance once the turbine has been installed and commissioned.

However, at Excel-A-Rate we understand that access to the sort of funds that are required for the larger installations can be a problem, so we’ve developed a separate turbine funding package to fill the gap.

Stage payment funding, also known as project finance, takes the pain away from the customer having to find large sums of money prior to the turbine being installed. We will pay the deposit of up to 40%, a second stage of up to 30% on delivery to site with the remaining 30% on commissioning.

The only payment the customer needs to make in this instance is the VAT on the total purchase price. We can also help with this if necessary by deferring this requirement until just prior to the customers VAT return.

Our detailed knowledge has allowed many customers to quickly take the next step to geenrating wind power to help reduce their costs and in many instances generate an additional income on top.

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Who We Can Help

  • Energy renewable programmes
  • Landowners looking to add wind energy systems
  • Farms

What We Fund

  • Wind power generation schemes
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