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Considering Finance?

Business funding to suit your needs

Excel-A-Rate is an established provider of asset finance solutions.

Our team has expertise in all forms of asset based lending across a broad range of business types. We focus on transparency and collaboration with our customers to create asset finance solutions that assist you to meet your business objectives.

We pride ourselves on offering a personal approach to help businesses grow. If you require equipment, asset finance will give you access to the funds necessary to invest and grow your business. Our financing solutions are straightforward and you can rely on our specialist expertise to support you throughout the period of the lease.

Why use asset based finance from Excel-a-Rate ?
If your business requires investment in a particular type of technology, specialised equipment or vehicles, financing these assets might be the best option for you. Spreading the cost of your purchase by using an asset financing option will have considerably less impact on your capital reserves than an outright purchase; whilst allowing you to acquire and make use of the 'tools' you need to make your business work. Our extensive range of asset finance options ensures that we can provide the ideal option for your business. Our solutions are bespoke to you and your business. Excel-a-Rate is customer focussed, completely professional and our expert staff are always available to discuss any issues with you personally.

What are the benefits of obtaining asset finance from Excel-a-Rate?
* We provide access to funding for assets without you needing to purchase outright = less impact on your reserves/cash flow;
* Asset finance leasing from Excel-a-Rate improves budget management you are spreading the cost of your assets;
* We have 21 years experience working with businesses across a wide range of market sectors; we will find the right solution;
* We adopt a personal, flexible approach to customer service; we are transparent with our clients from the outset.

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