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Renewable Energy Projects

Business funding to suit your needs

Excel-A-Rate appreciates the importance of green technology to the world energy market. Not only is it environmentally sound, there are also savings to be made by utilising Government incentives to convert from conventional forms of energy over to renewable sources.

Excel-A-Rate has a number of funding lines specifically available for renewable energy programmes and energy efficient technologies. With both asset and project renewable energy finance available to us we are able to offer fixed annual interest rates from 8% and we are already funding renewable programmes valued at £20,000 and above. If you have tried to go down the renewable route in the past but encountered difficulties in securing finance we will be able to assist.

The equipment needed to convert to renewable energy sources can be costly and mainstream funders are often reluctant to provide finance for it. We have assisted many businesses throughout the UK to fund the installation costs of renewable energy systems, and we can structure repayments to correspond with RHI, FiT and ROC payments.

Some of the 'Green Energy schemes' we have already financed include.
* Solar Panels
* Biomass Boilers
* AD Plant Equipment
* Wind Turbines

Assistance with renewable energy financing
Our funding lines currently apply to the following renewable energy programmes and/or renewable technologies. We can be flexible.
* Renewable Energy
* Utility efficiency technology
* Anaerobic Digestion
* Biomass Boilers
* Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP)
* Hydro Generation
* Solar PV
* Wind Generation
* Catering Equipment
* High Efficiency Lighting and LED
* Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC)
* Refrigeration
* Smart Metering
* Voltage Optimisation
*Other programmes can and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Our Experience in the field
Excel-A-Rate has been successfully operating in the renewable energy asset financing marketplace since 1996. We already offer a finance mechanism based on asset funding that is particularly popular amongst agricultural and farming communities throughout the UK. The international movement towards sustainability through renewable energy and utilities efficiency continues to be underpinned in the UK by long-term Government subsidy including (FIT, ROCs and RHI), increased utilities costs and higher levels of environmental reporting, (e.g. CRCEES). This has created significant demand for asset or entire project financing.

The business and high street banking sector is often unable or unwilling to service this market sector. To overcome this hurdle Excel-A-Rate and its associates have sought to create new lines of funding especially to service this sector.

Our experience of renewable energy finance and utilities efficiency has also been gained as a direct consequence of being 'hands on' in this sector over a number of years.

Our solution to your funding problem
Excel-A-Rate Business Services Ltd and our Underwriters have established our renewable energy funding programmes for the supply of utilities efficiency technologies based on Hire Purchase mechanisms. Generally, they operate in the following manner. Funding for individual programmes & technologies is made available according to a project schedule defined in your Business Plan or, for lower cost items, at commissioning.

Where staged payments are approved, agreements and security are implemented to make sure the funding is applied smoothly.

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