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Going the extra mile!

When a business decides that it needs new assets time is usually of the essence.

We all know that accessing business loans through the banks is often time consuming even if your credit is “whiter than white” – and can be very difficult, or even impossible, if there is any history of adverse credit. Either way there is no such thing as a “quick” decision.

At Excel-A-Rate we pride ourselves on our levels of service and we believe in Going the Extra Mile to help our clients achieve their objectives.

This month’s case study illustrates the point perfectly:

Monday – Whitewaters Training Ltd, who run courses under The Construction Plant Competence Scheme (CPCS), needed to purchase 2 new vehicles to add to their fleet and were accepted by Excel-A-Rate for the finance involved.

Thursday – With the funds in place the client sourced the vehicles they required.

Friday – The suppliers contacted Whitewaters to say that there was a 10-16 week lead time. That equated to 3-4 months lost income from training on these vehicles.

Saturday – Excel-A-Rate Business Services Ltd contacted their supplier network and managed to source alternative vehicles.

Tuesday – All the documentation formalities were completed.

Wednesday – The supplier was paid and the vehicles delivered

Now that’s what we call going the extra mile – approving, sourcing, and delivering within 10 days!

We are able to make decisions FAST and can provide funding for both new and used equipment including: HGV’s, Coaches & Buses, Motor Vehicles, Commercial Trailers, Plant and Yellow Goods, Specialised Machinery, Catering Equipment, Office Furniture, IT Equipment and Renewables.

See the Whitewaters case study here.

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