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One Step Beyond!

When a Northern Irish farmer and businessman was faced with being made bankrupt he didn’t know who to turn to. Fortunately for him he knew a man who did and who referred him to Excel-a-Rate Business Services.

Timescales were tight and it seemed like madness to expect to be able to have the funds in place to stave off the bankruptcy hearing which was due 4 days later. Additionally funds needed to be in the solicitor’s hands 24 hours prior to the hearing. To add a little more difficulty to the situation the initial contact with Excel-A-Rate was on a Bank Holiday Monday.

Excel-A-Rate leapt into action and formulated a plan whereby 3 pieces of unencumbered farming equipment were refinanced to provide two thirds of the funds required. With a shortfall evident in stepped sister company, Excel A Rate Business Cash who agreed to fund the shortfall against a proportion of the businessman’s future takings through his convenience store.

Agreement was reached by all parties, including the plaintiff’s solicitor agreeing the bankruptcy petition would be discharged if the funds were made available in advance of the hearing. Documentation was produced and e-mailed to the introducer the same day. He hotfooted it round to the customers and all the paperwork was signed and scanned back to Excel-A-Rate.

Funds were released and in the solicitors hands next day, a clear 24 hours before the proposed court date. The hearing was cancelled, the bankruptcy order discharged and the plaintiff paid in full

Talk about pulling all the stops out, enquiry on a Bank Holiday Monday to pay out in 48 hours, proves how Excel-A-Rate can go that One Step Beyond – Madness.



If we can do this for one client we can do it for yours don’t be afraid to ask.

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