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Are Farmers Milking it… The Milk Price Protest

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Following 70 farmers and 2 cows being herded through an Asda supermarket yesterday, an emergency summit of the four major unions, the Ulster Farmers’ Union, the NFU, the NFU Cymru and NFU Scotland was held on Monday in London to discuss the plummeting price for milk and try to alleviate the problem. And today, Morrisons have agreed to meet with leaders of the National Farmers Union and Farmers for Action, to discuss the price of milk and try to come to some agreement about the price they are being paid, in order to cover the cost of production.

In October 2013, the price farmers were being paid per litre was around 34p, however in less than two years, this has fallen by more than 10ppl, to just 23.66ppl; set to fall again as Arla cut the price per litre by a further 0.8p.


Farming of the Future – drones and driverless tractors

Monday, July 27th, 2015

Farming could be set for a change with new technologies what does the future hold. With 60% of Britain’s farmland now being managed by precision methods, such as sensor systems, cameras, virtual field maps and GPS-guided tractors, it is not surprising that research is being undertaken to develop the next big step in the world of farming: Drones and driverless tractors. These technologies are fuelling what is being called the “new agricultural revolution”.

Clive Blacker, an arable farmer realised 20 years ago that change was looming and whilst sat on a tractor he thought about the amount of variability in the fields. Every field has its good bits, and every field has its bad bits, however he felt that they were all being treated the same. This was when Blacker began to experiment with nascent technologies such as yield mapping. With the development of the technologies Blacker stated “I think that all of this technology has the potential to make farming far more sustainable as well as profitable”.


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