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An International Balloon Fiesta First!

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

On the morning of Friday 7th August , history was made. During the 37th Tribute International Balloon Fiesta in Bristol, the first ever solar powered balloon carrying passengers made its maiden voyage. Of the 130 balloons that took part in the festival, only the one was powered by the sun.

Made from polyurethane-coated nylon the balloon has two sides of different colour; one side is black to absorb the heat and cause the balloon to rise, the other side is silver to insulate the balloon and reflect heat. The side facing the sun can be rotated, depending on whether the pilot wants the balloon to ascend (black side) or descend (silver side).


Are Farmers Milking it… The Milk Price Protest

Tuesday, August 11th, 2015

Following 70 farmers and 2 cows being herded through an Asda supermarket yesterday, an emergency summit of the four major unions, the Ulster Farmers’ Union, the NFU, the NFU Cymru and NFU Scotland was held on Monday in London to discuss the plummeting price for milk and try to alleviate the problem. And today, Morrisons have agreed to meet with leaders of the National Farmers Union and Farmers for Action, to discuss the price of milk and try to come to some agreement about the price they are being paid, in order to cover the cost of production.

In October 2013, the price farmers were being paid per litre was around 34p, however in less than two years, this has fallen by more than 10ppl, to just 23.66ppl; set to fall again as Arla cut the price per litre by a further 0.8p.


Bank lending on the rise since its 2008 crash, finally!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Bank lending on the rise since its 2008 crash, finally!

In 2008, bank lending to businesses peaked at £575bn, however has declined year-on-year since. Never the less, in a strange turn of events, the extra £4.3bn of lending offered in the beginning of 2015 indicates a potential rise of 0.25% this year, even following a dramatic net plummet in June after big businesses paid off debts. In the first half of 2015, businesses borrowed £103bn from banks, up 19% from last year at just £88.6bn during the same period; don’t forget that the total stock of loans to firms is still well down on the 2008 peak.

Boosting Business investment is an essential factor in restoring the countries shaky productivity record and putting economic recovery on a sustainable footing.


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