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When it came to choosing which local charity to support this year It didn’t take long for Excel-A-Rate Business Services MD, David BALLAN to decide to supply a defibrillator for use by the community. The Radcliffe based finance company, which likes to support local causes, realised there was a lack of community defibrillators in the area; so the decision was an easy one.

The device, which is situated on the side of Excel-A-Rate’s building on Ainsworth Road Radcliffe, has been registered with the NWAS. This means anyone ringing for an ambulance will be directed to the nearest one and given the code, if a defibrillator is required.

“After realising that there wasn’t a registered defibrillator locally it just made perfect sense,” said MD, David Ballan.

A training course, delivered by Joanne Thwaites from NWAS, saw Excel-A-Rate staff joined by Julie Johnson and Les Sykes from local firm Ashworths.

“The defibrillator is such a worthwhile investment for the community, however, we hope it’s never used!” concluded David.

L-R Zach Ballan (Excel-A-Rate Director), Joanne Thwaites (NWAS), Julie Johnson and Les Sykes (Ashworths), Tracey Hudson, Claire Collinge, Arran Palmer (Excel-A-Rate)

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