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Excel-A-Rate provides a credible alternative to the major banks and other financial lenders.We can offer funding to businesses across five key areas. We have the flexibility to structure different types of funding packages within these five key areas to ensure that one of these options is appropriate for your business.

Tel:0161 724 2424 / NI: 028 9446 5720 Email: enquiries@excel-a-rate.co.uk

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Asset finance enables you to make key purchases for your business without tying up valuable working capital or existing credit lines. With monthly payments fixed for the lifetime of the agreement, forward planning becomes much easier leaving you to focus on running your business. We can source facilities for ALMOST  ANY BUSINESS ASSET and structure repayments to suit your cash flow.  Whether it’s commercial vehicles, IT equipment or machinery, through to full office and restaurant re-fits we will find the best funding facilities from across the marketplace and make sure that they are right for you, in terms of competitiveness, flexibility and suitability for your purposes.

Leased assets - fixed or minimum term

Asset Finance - Lease and Hire Purchase

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Call us today for a no obligation business consultation to see how we can support your business: 0161 724 2424 / NI 028 9446 5720

Debt funding, also known as invoice financing or factoring allows you to release cash from your unpaid invoices immediately instead of waiting for your customers to pay you on a future date. This helps you to improve your cash flow thereby making the day to day running of your business easier.

Improve your cash flow;

80% of invoice value released on day 1;

Release cash from your unpaid invoices;

Invoice financing or factoring;

The remainder (minus small fee) once the invoice is paid;

Assists in the day-to-day running of your business.

We provide unsecured short term loans of up to £25,000 and for periods of between three and twelve months. We are flexible as to the purpose of the loan, for example:

Short Term Loans

At Excel-A-Rate we understand the need for businesses to have access to fast, reliable finance. We can provide loans for most purposes. Our experienced staff are available to discuss your exact requirements and we provide bespoke solutions. Loan funding options are designed to meet your needs with a range of repayment options available depending on the purpose of the loan.


We provide loans for most purposes;

We offer terms of between 3 - 5 years;

We provide bespoke funding solutions designed specifically to meet your needs;

Ours is a fast and reliable service;

We can provide secured loans of up to £50,00 and unsecured loans of up to £25,000

Excel-A-Rate appreciates the importance of green technology to the world energy market. Not only is it environmentally sound, there are also savings to be made by utilising Government incentives to convert from conventional forms of energy over to renewable sources. We have a number of funding lines specifically available for renewable energy programmes and energy efficient technologies.

Renewable Energy Finance

Reduce your energy costs;

Funding solutions for energy efficient programmes.

Complex investments made easier;

Experienced in-house experts on hand;

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A simple & effective way to drive your business forward.

Wage bills;

VAT payments;

Quarterly rental payments;

Working capital;

Technically the leasing company retains ownership of the assets;

Leasing company normally claims the capital allowances;

VAT spread across payments at no interest cost - so up front deposit lower than HP;

Rentals paid over an agreed fixed term or continued (min.term);

You normally get tax relief on the rentals,  

Rentals fixed for the life of the agreement.  

Hire purchased assets

Debt Funding

You pay an initial deposit;

Balance/interest is paid off over an agreed period of time;

You claim tax relief on the interest;

You claim the capital allowance;

You can own the asset at the end of the agreement with an option to purchase; purchase.econdary fee.

You pay the VAT which you can claim back on your next return.

Corporate tax payments.

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Vehicles & Tractors

Machinery & Equipment

Any Business Asset


Cash Flow


Invoice Financing


Secured/Unsecured Loans

Bespoke Solutions

3 - 5 Year Terms


Wind Turbines

Biomass Boilers

Reducing Energy Costs


VAT & Corporate Tax  

Quarterly Rent Payments Working Capital

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