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Asset finance enables you to make key purchases for your business without tying up valuable working capital or existing credit lines.


With monthly payments fixed for the lifetime of the agreement, forward planning becomes much easier leaving you to focus on running your business.


We can source facilities for ALMOST  ANY BUSINESS ASSET and structure repayments to suit your cash flow.  


Whether it’s commercial vehicles, IT equipment or machinery, through to full office and restaurant re-fits we will find the best funding facilities from across the marketplace and make sure that they are right for you, in terms of competitiveness, flexibility and suitability for your purposes.

Leased assets - fixed or minimum term

  • Technically the leasing company retains ownership of the assets;


  • Leasing company normally claims the capital allowances;


  • VAT spread across payments at no interest cost - so up front deposit lower than HP;


  • Rentals paid over an agreed fixed term or continued (min.term);


  • You normally get tax relief on the rentals,  


  • Rentals fixed for the life of the agreement. 

Hire Purchase Agreements

  • You pay an initial deposit;

  • Balance/interest is paid off over an agreed period of time;

  • You claim tax relief on the interest;

  • You claim the capital allowance;

  • You can own the asset at the end of the agreement with an option to purchase;

  • You pay the VAT which you can claim back on your next VAT return.

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