Excel-A-Rate's Northern Ireland presence, has allowed us the opportunity to help fund a multitude of projects for our Northern Ireland customers, when other funders would not.


We like nothing better than sitting down with our clients to talk through their options, and coming up with an acceptable deal for both parties.


With our personal approach to lending, understanding that every client is different, and has different needs has enabled us to integrate ourselves into the community. 


Northern Ireland has allowed for a diverse amount of opportunities whether we are helping fund a new HGV for a haulage company in Armagh, assisting a restaurant finance a new kitchen in the heart of Belfast, or a farmer in Bushmills with a new tractor.


We will consider any number of opportunities to help support your business.

Call us today for a no obligation business consultation to see how we can support your business:
0161 724 2424 / NI 028 9446 5720

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